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What to do in the event of a breakdown on the road?

In the unlikely event that you are confronted with a breakdown, BYD offers very extensive and high-quality emergency assistance. As a BYD driver, you are therefore automatically assured of road assistance from Touring from the moment you leave the garage. If you then come to an authorized BYD service point for regular maintenance, we will extend the roadside assistance for free!

Benefits of roadside assistance from TOURING

Touring Roadside Assistance offers you various benefits, such as:

  • 200 roadside assistance in Belgium, so there is always a roadside assistance near you. With an average waiting time of only 50 minutes
  • The TOURING Roadside Assistance can solve the problem immediately in 9 out of 10 situations, so you'll be back on the road in your own BYD in no time
  • You do not pay any call-out and/or towing costs
  • Roadside assistance for the door is included

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Whole Europe coverage

In addition, Roadside Assistance Belgium offers you two days of replacement transport. Are you out of luck in Europe? You also have coverage throughout Europe. You are then entitled to 5 days of replacement transport.

Roadside assistance Belgium

  • Breakdown assistance Belgium 24/7
  • Roadside assistance trailer
  • Breakdown assistance in place of residence / place of business
  • 2 days of replacement transport BE
  • Collection and delivery service replacement car BE (if possible)

Roadside Assistance Europe

  • Breakdown assistance Europe 24/7
  • Roadside assistance trailer
  • Roadside assistance on site
  • 5 days of replacement transport
  • Repatriation to Belgium

Are you out of luck?

You can always call on your breakdown service, reach it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at: +32 2 235 29 79

Knowing more?

If you would like more details regarding coverage and terms and conditions: Or contact your service point. We are happy to help you!

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