BYD Tang - learn more about the model | BYD Belgium

A harmony of style and efficiency

Dragons symbolize potent and auspicious powers and were at the basis of the inspiration for BYD's chief designer Wolfgang Egger, who led a world-class design team to instill these features into the BYD Tang's design, bringing together superb craftsmanship, dynamism and sleekness.

BYD Tang - learn more about the model | BYD Belgium
BYD Tang - learn more about the model | BYD Belgium

*Note: 1,655L behind the front row seats, 940L behind the second row and 235L behind the back row. Cargo and load capacity are limited by weight and weight distribution.

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BYD Tang

One wheel, full access

You can concentrate on driving while all display information is at your sightline.

BYD Tang
BYD Tang - learn more about the model | BYD Belgium

BYD Heart, the power reactor

The innovative center control with pulsating light design allows you to switch to different functions and modes in seconds.

TANG speaks, in another way

31-colour ambient lights will reflect your mood, whatever the occasion.

BYD Tang - learn more about the model | BYD Belgium

BYD Blade Battery

BYD has been a pioneering name in the battery industry for more than 28 years. Our latest game-changing Blade Battery has passed. A series of extreme tests in rigorous conditions making it one of the world's safest batteries.

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Enhanced safety

The raw material, lithium iron phosphate has a number of beneficial characteristics: slow heat generation, low heat release and non oxygen release. The unique flat rectangle shape also improves cooling efficiency and preheating performance. Blade Battery has safely passed the nail penetration test without emitting fire or smoke.

Nail penetration test

The nail penetration test is regarded as one of the most rigorous ways to test the thermal runaway of batteries. The purpose is to simulate an internal short circuit of the battery. This is usually caused by external sharp metal objects penetrating the battery in a severe traffic accident. The Blade Battery passed the nail penetration test, without emitting smoke or fire. The surface temperature only reached 30 to 60°C.

Optimised strength

Arranged in an array in one pack, each cell serves as a structural beam to help withstand the force. The aluminum honeycomb-like structure, with high-strength panels on upper and lower side of the pack, greatly enhances the rigidity in vertical direction. It is this revolutionary design that gives optimised strength to the Blade Battery.

Longer range

The space utilisation of the Blade Battery has been increased by over 50% compared with the traditional battery packs, which provides enhanced energy density and delivers longer range.

Longer lifecycle

Blade Battery has a long battery life with over 5000 charge and discharge cycles.

A moving theatre

Driving should be a sensory experience. To match your mood, the TANG is equipped with 31-colour ambient lighting throughout the interior. A high-quality 12-speaker sound system with DIRAC Live® feature delivers pristine, natural sound that meets all your listening needs. For driver and passengers, the TANG offers a true theater experience.

Upstage braking system

The BYD Tang comes with the innovative Bosch IPB system and high performance Brembo calipers as standard, contributing to its smooth braking experience and 36m braking distance from 100km/h-0km/h.


BYD's benchmark IGBT technology ensures TANG's durability, power delivery smoothness and energy efficiency.

*Note: Available soon after OTA (Over The Air) updates




Acceleration 0-100km/h (s)

400 (WLTP Combined)

23.8 kWh/100km

Combined consumption

Drive type


Wheels (inch)


Top Speed (km/h)




0 g/km

CO2 emissions

Peak Power (kW)


Cargo (L)


Battery Type


*Note: Actual electric range and power consumption may depend on the individual user, driving style, vehicle speed, environmental conditions outside temperature, route profile and other reasons. This means that the actual figures may differ slightly from the test figures. In addition, the, use of auxiliary systems such as air conditioning or heated seats can also affect the actual figures.

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